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The Uni Bundle

We believe that students should eat well at a great price tag. Don't waste money on dodgy takeaways - these are the perfect dishes to fuel and delight you at the same time. All made by independent chefs.
At HomeCooks, we have hundreds of chefs selling hundreds of dishes, and we are constantly adding new dishes.
This huge range makes us perfect for adventurous food explorers. However, we always advise easing your way in by finding your favourite dishes and chefs. This bundle is a great starting point.

Bon Appetit
Lasagne by Che Cosa
Chicken Biryani by Azam
Chicken & Asparagus Pie by Lidgates
4 Cheese Pizza by Tony
Jerk Chicken by Ann Marie
Black Bean Stir Fry by Ming

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£23.97 Subscription

Customer Reviews

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Very tasty and convenient

Great selection of meals to get me started with a subscription. I was very impressed I liked all of them (I'm a v picky eater!) and I'm looking forward to trying some other stuff. It's so convenient to just have a few meals in the freezer to pull out when I'm running around between classes or have late night study sesh!