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Sichuan Chilli Crisp Oil

Super savoury, umami, numbing and handmade by me! This chilli oil doesn't discriminate. As good on pizza as it is on dumplings. We make ours with premium Sichuan peppercorn powder and Erjingtiao chilli flakes imported from Chengdu. Drizzle it, mix it, cook it, drink it if you want to, we won't judge.

Has a kick 🌶️🌶️

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Meet Tom
Yep Kitchen

I've always been a huge fan of umami flavours, so when I moved to China in 2013 my tastebuds thanked me. Fast forward 10 years of living in China, I moved back to the UK to shake things up in the Chinese condiments scene, tapping into my local knowledge to bring exciting and new flavours to the UK.

Customer Reviews

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Jane G.

Husband loves it in or on everything. Need I say more.

Edita G.

Quite a lot of oil to chilli, but a great spicy and salty flavour - very enjoyable.

Adele M.

I am officially obsessed about this one. Have used it on everything I have had for my supper this week (OK mostly soup) and it is glorious. Will be adding a lot more of this in my monthly order