About Us

High-quality, Exciting, Authentic Food

We are always searching for incredibly talented chefs and independent food brands to join the HomeCooks community. All our chefs are handpicked based on the consideration, care and focus they bring to their creations. We have a rigourous trial process they need to pass before they are approved to join. We also have the very special Council of Eaters, made up of our most loyal customers who are invited to taste the food. Standards are kept super high - our chefs average a customer score of 4.8/5 for quality (that's really high for the industry)!

Support Small

Food is at the heart of any community. We believe that cooking should be about personal connection. Unfortunately, we also think that a lot of modern day food has become impersonal and the chef and customer become faceless to each other. We champion micro-brands and independent chefs so they are able to compete with bigger brands who have the resources for distribution. No more middlemen taking an exorbitant cut, no massive overheads, no conveyor belt cooking. Just super authentic, hand-crafted, creative, great value food straight from the chefs themselves.

Frozen is the Future!

In the UK restaurants produce around 200,000 tonnes of food waste every year. Which is the equivalent of about 320 million meals thrown out and wasted! Not to mention that 60% of food waste is from people at home. We don't want to add to these statistics so we have challenged our chefs to create high-quality artisan meals which can be put in the freezer and are bursting with flavour! Your dishes will last much longer in your freezer, giving you extra flexibility and reducing any unnecessary food waste.

Our Story!

We are the founders of the group George, Josh, Charlotte and Andy - nice to meet you!

Before HomeCooks, we were all working in different restaurant brands, having been in the food industry for many years. From our experience, we started to become disillusioned at what was a once-great industry. Huge chains started to dominate and much of the industry started to become the servants of the big online delivery companies. We realised that food was becoming more about convenience and less about quality and creativity.

In March 2020, the London lockdown hit us hard and all our businesses closed (some permanently). With the world in disarray and panic starting to spread, we thought it would be a lovely thing to start cooking for our neighbourhood from Andy's (EHO registered) home kitchen. Andy specialises in Italian food and offered a few dishes to his local Crouch End Facebook group. The take up was incredible, and we decided to set up a group dedicated to cooking for the local neighbourhood called Crouch End Home Cooks.

As more people joined, many local chefs (from furloughed professionals to passionate amateurs) started reaching out and asked to post their menus. We set out the EHO and quality restrictions, to make sure all food being sold was safe, and started recruiting.

Since then the community has grown into something beautiful. People ordering wonderful, authentic food from independent chefs. As demand from surrounding areas started to grow, we have launched nationwide delivery and sourced talentend independent chefs from all of the UK.

Our plan is to keep growing around UK to connect as many chefs to their local communities as possible.