Miso Aubergine

This is my take on roasted aubergine. I coat the slices in a mix of miso paste, soy sauce, and a touch of maple syrup, then roast them with a drizzle of olive oil. The result? Tender and flavourful aubergine with a savoury, sweet kick. It's an easy yet tasty dish that anyone can enjoy.

⚖️ Approx dish weight: 300g

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Meet Kate
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I'm Kate and I'm a North Londoner born and bred! I've had an appetite for cooking since I was 6 years old. It all started with my Grandma teaching me the basics, cooking from scratch and using lots of fresh ingredients. After many years of working in hospitality, I set up a catering company in 2005 pausing when my kids were little. I love big flavours and traditional methods of cookery and believe that food made with love tastes so much better!

Customer Reviews

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Very tasty

Very tasty food. I added three boiled eggs to this.

Miss L.C.
Loved it

Delicious, I love this dish. The aubergine and the skin is so soft. The flavour is so good quite sweet.

Helen w.

2 good sized peices. Personally I am not keen on sweet and savoury together like pineapple on pizza

Jason M.M.
Two dishes for price of one

Love this dish so much flavour. It’s a bit hit and miss on size and so some have been a bit small but this last one was enormous so I got two dishes from it. Definitely value for money!

One of the best Homecooks dishes to have come my

This has now attained the status of “ family favourite, “ Had it heated in the oven several times & then several times in my new air fryer, each time, this dish was superb, beautiful flavour & texture, got lots of compliments, made me feel like Master Chef! (But I always come clean &!reveal that it is a Home Cooks dish, when I told my daughter that last time she was over with her family, she immediately guessed that it was made by Kate)