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Stir Fry Vegetables

A colourful and flavourful vegetable medley, this stir fry combines fresh veggies like crunchy bean sprouts, sliced green beans, mushrooms, and white onions with aromatic seasonings. Minced garlic, spring onions, soy sauce, and a kick of heat from cayenne pepper, black pepper, and chilli flakes create a bold and tantalising sauce. Rounded out with an all-purpose seasoning blend and a touch of salt, this stir fry packs a punch of flavours in every bite. Quick to prepare and brimming with vibrant tastes and textures, it's a healthy and satisfying vegetarian dish.
Spicy 🌶🌶.

:scales: Approx dish weight 300 grams

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Meet Giovanna

I have loved cooking since a young age. Once, my sister asked me to fry her an egg, I was anxious as I had never cooked before. When I fried the egg perfectly I fell in love with cooking. Since then I started taking cooking lessons, including in secondary school. I studied professional cookery at Merton College and I am currently studying nutrition and food management at West London University.

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Not for me.

My serving was mostly green beans. Didn't like flavour/ seasoning. Had appearance of boiled veg. May be better using oven instructions because microwave reheating didn't improve things.