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It's our mission to connect you with passionate independent chefs who make authentic dishes that are personal to them. Our chefs include skilled home cooks, professional chefs and micro brands.

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The Curry Guy

I moved from California in 1993 and couldn’t get enough of the takeaway curries that my wife and I ate every weekend. I started learning how to make authentic Indian curries and I started my food blog in 2010 as a way of discovering as much as I could about Indian food and culture. The Curry Guy blog was awarded Best Food Blog at the Vuelio Blog Awards and shortly after, I signed my first cookbook deal for ‘The Curry Guy’.

Willy's Pies

Willy’s pies was an idea I’d had for a while, having previously worked as a chef at some of London’s top restaurants. When lockdown hit it was the perfect time to make it happen. Knocking out the pies from my pokey home kitchen in Leyton couldn’t last long, and we now find ourselves in our own purpose built kitchen under an arch. From the humble beginnings of push bike deliveries, we now find ourselves wholesaling to stores nationwide.


My prior experience working with the then Global Executive Head Chef of Hakkasan Group allowed me to understand how well educated the customers in the West were on Chinese food and in particular, Dim Sum. The limited availability of specialist dim sum offerings gave me the idea to launch Mai Dim Sum. The rest is history...

Som & Tam

We are childhood friends, born in Bangkok. Som loves eating and Tam loves cooking and when we cook together it has always been of epic proportions. Som started her cooking journey by having a chicken satay stall in Brick Lane with recipes passed down by her mum. Tam started cooking and become a chef since he was 18, and also gained experience at the university in Thailand. We want to be ambassadors for your true authentic Thai experience.


Hi, I'm Maame, and I'm originally from Ghana, West Africa. My cooking story started when one afternoon, my Mama Jane asks me to prepare Jollof Rice for the family for supper. “What”?! I had had experience of cooking with her from when I was six years old but had never cooked a whole dish all by myself. I got on with it and the meal turned out great. The compliments from my Mama Jane, who’s a fantastic cook, gave me the boost to carry on cooking.

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Lovely flavour, can't wait to have it again.

Christine N.

I can't stop thinking about this meal. Every bit was so lush, well done.

Elizabeth S.

Excellent in every way. Could taste the goodness.

Julie L.

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So Why HomeCooks?

Healthy Meals with No Additives

Using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, our chefs craft meals with original recipes that create magical flavors using only natural seasonings - nothing else.

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Cutting cost without compromising the taste. Swap takeaways for healthy HomeCooks meals and save 50% on every meal.

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Our chefs cook in small quantities, which allows them greater precision and control to create delightful flavours in every meal.

Our Mission

Bring the Human Touch Back to Food

It all began as a local Facebook group in London, where we brought together independent chefs and food lovers. With overwhelming response, we grew to 30,000 members in months. Now, we deliver chef-prepared meals that combine quality, affordability, and the joy of human connection nationwide. Welcome to HomeCooks, where the passion for cooking meets the love for eating.

George & Josh

All of our chefs are food safety certified

Our chefs hold food safety certifications approved by their local councils, meeting the same legal requirements and responsibilities as your favourite local restaurants.


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