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Trio of Greens

This dish is inspired by The Indian restaurant Dishoom's "Bowl of Greens" While I have kept this dish more subtle than Dishoom's, there is a delicious hint of charred smokey flavours to the hispi cabbage, along with the mere tiniest hint of aromatic Indian spices. The fresh green beans, cabbage and kale sautéed in a touch of oil and butter and finished off with a little lime and a hint of aromatic spice make it a delicious and healthy dish that goes with anything or makes a great meal in itself. Low Carb and low fat. Contains Dairy and potential Nuts/seeds trace

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Meet Lisa

My Mum was an amazing chef and taught me how to cook. My food story began when I was a songwriter, our studios were in a remote part of Kent with nowhere to buy food so I cooked for everyone. After 20 years of writing pop songs I decided I wanted a career in food and I was offered a chef role at Jamie Oliver's cook school but decided to set up my own at home. My business grew into recipe developing and writing articles for local London newspapers.

Customer Reviews

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Melis H.

Love the bbq flavour on the greens. Will definitely get it again.

Pattaraporn B.

Good dish

Charmaine C.

Portion size was very generous!
Lovely tasty dish!

Sandra M.

Lovely veggies and handy to have in freezer to accompany other home cooks meals. Thought this would have done 2 meals but sadly not

Karen L.

A great vegetable dish with delicious flavours. I thought it would be too large a portion for me but I ate it all. I used it as an accompaniment to my own home cooked dinner and will definitely do so again.