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🔆Nutritional Info per Portion: 344 Kcal, 2.16g Protein, 19.07g Carbs, 29.69g Fat🔆

Perfectly balanced and bursting with flavour, this side dish is a must-have addition to any meal, offering a touch of exotic flavour and healthy ingredients to your plate. Julienne cabbages and carrots cooked in vegetable oil with Madagascan spice, turmeric a dash of lemon juice with a pinch of salt. Give it a try and discover the unique and delicious flavours of Madagascan cuisine.

⚖️ Approx dish weight: 200g

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In Madagascar, cooking is a time for family, especially with grandma and grandpa. We cook together rather than relying on the elders of the family to do it on their own. We are taught by our grandma, reminding us it was her mother who taught her and that this is how the tradition of Malagasy dishes stay alive. It's an incredible bonding experience that passes on recipes and techniques for generations to come.

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My Review

It looked colourful and well presented, but I was unsure what sort of main dish to have with it and I did not think it had a lot of flavour.

Cecelia S.

We had never tried this dish before, amazingly refreshing and with a surprising heat which just adds to the experience. Very tasty.

Lucy K.

I really enjoyed this when paired with an oven baked fish.

Lauren B.

Delicious side dish!

Lauren B.

Very tasty, great side dish!