Baileys Mochi

A Baileys-flavored mochi combines the smooth, creamy essence of Baileys Irish Cream with the soft, chewy texture of traditional Japanese mochi. This decadent dessert offers a unique fusion of flavours, where the rich, velvety notes of coffee, chocolate, and Irish whiskey from the Baileys beautifully complement the subtle sweetness of the mochi dough. The mochi exterior, made from glutinous rice flour, encases a creamy Baileys-infused filling, providing a delightful contrast in textures. Each bite delivers a harmonious blend of East meets West, making it an exquisite treat for those seeking a sophisticated, adult twist on the classic mochi experience.

Contains alcohol.

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Meet Natalia

My journey into the world of mochis began out of sheer curiosity and a love for the art of patisserie. It was three years ago when the subtle beauty of these Japanese rice cakes captured my imagination. Ever since, I've dedicated myself to mastering the delicate balance of texture and flavor that makes each mochi a tiny marvel. My adventure started in my humble home kitchen, experimenting after hours, and has led me to this very moment where I am known for my mochi rice cakes—each a small, edible emblem of my passion for cooking and innovation.