Treacle Tart

Perfect for sharing - our Treacle Tart is a classic British dessert, beloved for its rich, sweet filling made from golden syrup, breadcrumbs, and lemon zest, all encased in a buttery shortcrust pastry. This comforting treat has a unique, caramel-like flavour that has delighted palates for generations. Try pairing it will some ice cream or clotted cream for ultimate enjoyment!

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Meet Molly and Mark
Dulwich Pantry

We are husband and wife team, Mark and Molly, serving up traditional favourites in our South London Kitchen since 2018. With our menu of much-loved classics, we are always trying to improve on traditional recipes all while keeping quality and taste at the forefront. We take pride in everything we do, so we use nothing but the best ingredients to keep all our customers happy!

Customer Reviews

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Suzanne C.

This dish was nice!! A bit big for me, portion size was massive. Lovely pastry and the filling wasn’t overly sweet. Enjoyed it as a treat, but unlikely to order again.

Cec S.
Stunning on every level,

As my title says, from the pastry to the filling to the colour everything clicked. The filling especially was delicious, firm , rich and very moreish.


Tasted lovely, baked to perfection

Helen R.

A lot less sweet and syrupy in flavour than most treacle tarts, with an slightly unpleasant pulpy texture. I couldn't finish it. I won't be re-ordering.

Lucy K.

Absolutely delicious tart. The pastry case is a crumbly, almost biscuit-like texture with a savoury flavour that is perfectly balanced with the moist treacle filling. The filling is in no way too sweet as trial often is. Warmed in the oven and paired it with a sneaky dollop of clotted cream, this tart is a real delight. It is a large tart for one, but not really enough for two, so don't eat too much dinner before you indulge in this tasty little treat for desert.