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Rigatoni Bolognese

🔆Calories per Portion:470 Kcal 🔆

Classic Italian dish consisting of rigatoni pasta topped with a meaty tomato-based sauce. The sauce is made by simmering ground beef or pork with onions, garlic, tomatoes, and herbs like oregano and basil.

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Meet Ilaria

Ciao, I'm Ilaria, I'm Italian and I always loved cooking with my Grandma. When I was twenty years old I decided to learn properly how to cook and I started a year course with one of my favorite chefs in Milan. Cooking remained just a passion until covid time when I started my home catering business. I don't sell just food but a genuine Italian experience that I bring to your table from my original Granma's recipe.

Customer Reviews

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Brian C.
Really good

Great taste


Cooked in microwave as instructed. Tasty dish however the sides were a little dry and definitely needs more sauce. I think I prefer this with spaghetti.

Lucy K.

Very nice dish with authentic flavours. Very good portion size on the regular size dish. I was really quite full after dinner! My only gripe was that after re-heating in the microwave, the bolognaise sauce was a little dry. Other than this, a very nice dish.

Sandra S.

Delicious, only works have preferred a bit more sauce


Good size portion, although there could’ve been more Bolognese not sure I would order it again didn’t blow me away, The one negative thing is, and I think it was where the dish was frozen, once it had thawed, and then reheated by the time I stirred the Bolognese into the pasta. All the pasta had broken up, which spoils the dish