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Classic Tartiflette

🔆Nutritional Info per Portion: 505 Kcal, 11.49g Protein, 49.72g Carbs, 24.86g Fat🔆

The Tartiflette is a very traditional dish from the French Alps. Traditionally we start by frying some onion and in the UK we add deliciously smoked bacon lardons.
In my family, we add pre-cooked potatoes, cream, salt, herbs de Provence and garlic. We then slowly heat up the Reblochon cheese and layer it together. Et voila, dig in and enjoy :)

Size: For Two
Sale price£10.00
£5.00 per portion
Meet Jean-Pierre Derian

I am Jean Pierre, the founder of La Tartiflette, established in 2013. Born and bred in France, I was raised enjoying traditional French cuisine. Tartiflette was always my favourite dish, frequently prepared by my mother at home or savored at an Alpine restaurant after a day skiing. Since setting up my business, I have perfected my tartiflette to serve in large quantities and added my own twist. The secret... you can never have enough cheese!

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