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Azuki Bao AnMan

Enjoy this classic Japanese bun as a main, side or sweet snack. A fluffy sweet steamed bun filled with Azuki red bean paste. Just steam them and enjoy these Japanese classics at home. 2-3 buns are usually enough for a meal for one.

Size: 1 Bun
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£2.07 Subscription
£3.45 per portion
Meet Michi
Mushi Mushi

I was born in a family that runs a beautiful restaurant in Osaka, Japan, so cooking and eating nice food is my day to day nature. In the pandemic, I had a lot more free time and had to start something to help me get by, so I decided to directly follow my passion in food and started a food business from my kitchen. I am now totally in my element in what I do and needed that push to really drop everything and change tracks!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Karen C.

Loved these. Sweet and fflavorsome

Rosemary G.

These were just gorgeous! Very, very moreish.

Miyo M.

Enjoyed it very much. Easy to steam in microwave.

Sarah W.

The azuki beans had a great flavour and worked well as a subtly sweet filling. The buns were nice and fluffy and the dish was easy to reheat.

Greg C.

Delicious, perfectly sweet.