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Jackfruit Biryani

I can't wait for you to try my raw and tender jackfruit biryani. This is the closest a vegan can come to a meaty dish. It has striking similarities with lamb biryani. My biryani is a celebration of aroma, colour, and flavour, with perfectly cooked, fluffy grains of scented basmati rice and tender chunks of jackfruit.

A bit spicy 🌶.

⚖️ Approx dish weight: 450g

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I'm a Corporate Menu Curator. I grew up watching my father cook in his restaurant and learning secrets from my grandma who had knowledge from undivided Punjab kitchens before India was partitioned. I traveled India relishing the regional cuisines and intricacies of local cooks. I come from an old school background but I've learnt about contemporary tastes and modern techniques to make sure that the legacies of the food I make burn forever strong.

Customer Reviews

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Melis H.
Delicious substitute for meat

Amazing flavours, just didn't like one of the herbs that taste like aniseed but otherwise lovely.

Lynda W.
very tasty

my first taste of jackfruit and it was great will order this again

Elisabetta C.

Can be a bit more flavoursome.


It's not too spicy

Victoria H.

This was soooooo good! It was packed to the brim, so a really good portion size. The jackfruit was tender and delicious and there were some real nice chunks! The flaked nuts added a nice texture too. I liked the subtle heat, that was noticeable but not overpowering. It reminded me of an Indian takeaway; but vegan food made with love, as opposed to out of a sense of obligation like many takeaways that have terrible vegan options. Seriously tasty! Great dish! Already re-ordered