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Keema Kaleji

Ah, the Keema Kaleji, a true testament to the rich and diverse flavours of my homeland. This dish is a celebration of two culinary treasures, each offering its own unique character and depth.
First, let me introduce you to the star of the show, the kaleji, or liver. Carefully sourced from the finest cuts, these morsels of delicate offal are tenderly cooked to perfection, retaining their sublime texture and unleashing a depth of earthy, robust flavours that will tantalise your taste buds.
But the true magic lies in the harmonious union with the keema, a fragrant and spice-infused minced meat mixture.
A bit spicy 🌶.

Approx dish weight: 360g regular/ 450 g large

Size: Regular
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I'm a Corporate Menu Curator. I grew up watching my father cook in his restaurant and learning secrets from my grandma who had knowledge from undivided Punjab kitchens before India was partitioned. I traveled India relishing the regional cuisines and intricacies of local cooks. I come from an old school background but I've learnt about contemporary tastes and modern techniques to make sure that the legacies of the food I make burn forever strong.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Flavours!

Amazing blend of spices balanced so well with meats and flavours. Liver was so tender, lamb mince was lovely. Only thing I think could make it slightly better, would be a side of rice. But will definitely buy this dish again.

Good, not great

Good dish, but it could use a punchier flavor.