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Thai Crispy Golden Bags (Thung Thong)

Thung Thong is Thailand's take on the samosa. Crispy pastry on the outside stuffed with sweet potato, onion, carrot, peas, and sweetcorn, all spiced with mild curry powder. Shaped like a money bag or golden bag, the dish has royal origins as it was previously reserved for unique and royal occasions.

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Hello my name is Pear and I grew up in a small town in Thailand called Sam Roy Yod. My mum says I started cooking at 8 when I flipped a fried egg onto my arm. I moved to London in 2009 and studied international cuisine. I have worked in a variety of kitchens including hotels, patisseries, and JApanese and Thai restaurants. Now I have taken my love for pan-Asian food and started cooking authentic Asian dishes in markets and for private parties.

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Jan D.

I love these Thai Crispy Golden Bags. They're packed full of tasty filling and I could eat much more than the portion size. Delicious!

These are awesome

Absolutely delicious. I'm always sad when they are finished.
Comes with a lovely sweet chilli sauce in a tub. Really get these, they are really good.


Not a lot of filling or flavour - somehow tasted very sugary. Perhaps an ingredient not mentioned.


I was pleasantly surprised by these Golden Bags as I was expecting them to be a little spicy and they weren't which was perfect for me as I don't like spicy food. I suspect the spice was in the dipping sauce which I didn't try. The Golden bags were very tasty but on their own there aren't enough of them to make a meal, there's just enough for a starter or if you order a portion of Crispy Duck Rolls to fill out the meal that would be perfect. Anyway, the Golden bags are delicious with lots of tasty filling and are crispy on the ends.

Rosemary G.

Cooked from frozen in the oven and they turned out perfectly, nice and crisp. The filling was helped by the sauce.