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Stuffed Pepper with Wild Rice & Feta

This is Kate's favourite dish. Two delicious bell peppers filled with a tasty mix of rice and creamy feta cheese. The real star of the show is the feta cheese, adding a rich and creamy taste that blends amazingly with the rice and it gives the dish a unique twist. Enjoy!
Approx dish weight: 300g

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Meet Kate
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I'm Kate and I'm a North Londoner born and bred! I've had an appetite for cooking since I was 6 years old. It all started with my Grandma teaching me the basics, cooking from scratch and using lots of fresh ingredients. After many years of working in hospitality, I set up a catering company in 2005 pausing when my kids were little. I love big flavours and traditional methods of cookery and believe that food made with love tastes so much better!

Customer Reviews

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Miss L.C.
Loved it

Very tasty. Lovely combination, the feta cheese is just rhe icing on the cake really gives a lovely flavour.
Really easy to eat.
I baked it in the oven and it was lovely.

Very Nice

Tasty lunch or evening meal depending what it is paired with. The rice is very tasty and I was particularly pleased that the cinnamon blended nicely and didn’t overpower the seasoning. If anything I would have liked slightly more feta cheese.

Jason M.M.
Excellent dish

Great dish full of flavour it takes longer than it says of the packaging to cook from chilled but worth the wait! Ordering 3 next time 10/10


We loved these a lot! Would definitely recommend 👌


Definitely ordering again. Well flavoured filling and juicy peppers. Generous portion.