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St George Steak & Ale Pie

This is a Lidgate family favourite pie made from a traditional recipe. It's hearty and comforting and full of flavour. Prime-selected grass-fed beef is cooked low and slow so you end up with tender chunks of meat. A traditional stout is added along with fresh mushrooms, onions, bay leaves, herbs and seasoning. Once cooked the buttery pastry really enhances the beefiness of the filling for the ultimate pie-eating experience. Serve on its own or with mashed potato and veg for a really filling meal.

⚖️ Approx dish weight: 500g

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Meet Danny
C. Lidgates

Lidgates Butchers has been in operation since 1850 and our family have always sold pies in the shop. We use recipes that have been passed down over the decades, refining them here and there as tastes have changed but our core principles have always remained the same: the best quality ingredients treated with care and attention will produce excellent pies.

Customer Reviews

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These pies are all fab

Every pie I have had from Lidgates have been delicious and this is no exception.
Pastry is fabulous and the sauce and fillings are plentiful and top quality.

On repeat

We enjoy this and have had it many times now!

Geoff R.

Whilst this isn't a bad pie, it is nowhere near as good as others I've eaten. This pie definitely needs a portion of gravy to make it work.
The flavours were okay, but nothing like as good as I've come to expect from Home Cooks.

Helen B.

Was disappointed with the pie.
The meat was tough and very chewy

Lisa c.

This was really good, I hadn't realised there was mushrooms in this and I'm not a fan of them so I took them out but once I dome that I really enjoyed the pie. The meat is really good quality and no gristle. The gravy is rich and just the right amount.