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Shepherd's Pie

Growing up in the countryside, I learned to appreciate the flavours and ingredients of Shepherd's Pie, and as a chef and butcher, I take pride in sharing my own spin on this timeless classic. To create my version, I sauté minced meat with onions and vegetables, top it with creamy mashed potatoes, and bake until golden brown and bubbling with flavour.

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Meet Danny
C. Lidgate

Lidgates Butchers has been in operation since 1850 and our family have always sold pies in the shop. We use recipes that have been passed down over the decades, refining them here and there as tastes have changed but our core principles have always remained the same: the best quality ingredients treated with care and attention will produce excellent pies.

Customer Reviews

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Taste T.
pleased my son

My son who is a fairly picky eater loved this and asked for it again. Good amount of meat, good flavour.

David T.D.N.T.
Quite good

I was a little bit disappointed with this dish . The mash was quite good but quite sloppy and there was not a great deal of meat filling
The overall taste was nice but needs more meat

Nigel S.
Solid Fare

Nice to have a good shepherd’s pie that is ready to go with cooked side veg garden peas or beans. A regular meal here.


Very tasty. Possibly better than my Mum used to make.

patricia d.

This was one of the best made cottage pies I have tasted.Will definitely order again.W ell done