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Red Red

This is my most popular dish! Red Red is a vegan Ghanaian-style beans stew accompanied by sweet plantain. This is a very popular lunchtime dish in Ghana. My take on this dish is to stew the black-eyed beans in Ghanaian gravy (tomato stew) and coconut milk.

A bit spicy 🌶️.

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Meet Maame

Hi, I'm Maame, and I'm originally from Ghana, West Africa. My cooking story started when one afternoon, my Mama Jane asks me to prepare Jollof Rice for the family for supper. “What”?! I had had experience of cooking with her from when I was six years old but had never cooked a whole dish all by myself. I got on with it and the meal turned out great. The compliments from my Mama Jane, who’s a fantastic cook, gave me the boost to carry on cooking.

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My first taste of Ghanaian cuisine! I hope there is more to come.

I really couldn't wait for the delivery today and get my first taste of Ghanaian food. The RedRed was a wonderful warming meal. I would say it was hot, but there is some spiciness there. This is, however, a very subtle dish, so it cannot be too hot. or spicy, otherwise the flavour of the plantains will be lost. I think the chef did a really good job of balancing the flavours. I had wholegrain rice with it and it went very well. After heating in the microwave, it did look a little dry, so my wife added a little water to moisten it.

Very enjoyable and I look forward to ordering it again soon.

My Review for “Red, Red”.

On putting on the plate the beans all clumped together, as did the rest of the dish and it looked very unappetising, I could only manage one small amount, I did not like the texture or the taste.

Kamal G.

Very tasty!

Elisabetta C.

The texture is rather odd. Taste is average unfortunately.

Paula C.

Lots of flavour.