Peanut Crunch

Made of nougat topped with dark chocolate and peanuts, our Peanut Crunch is perfect to have it with coffee or tea in the morning, mid day, and evening.

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Meet Bora & Jenny
Cake Girls

We have been best friends for 8 years and flatmates for 7 years, and the kitchen has been a major space of bonding for us. Bora is a trained pastry chef and the founder of her own social cake shop in Kosovo, and I (Jenny) am the devoted student. During the pandemic, I was suffering from severe eczema so I was on a strict refined sugar free, seed oil free diet. But I wasn't ready to give up cakes. That got Bora and I experimenting. We replaced the sugar and milk in her French and Italian recipes without compromising the taste. Et voilà, Cake Girls was born in 2023.

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