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Crispy Duck Roll with Plum & Yuzu Sauce

An elegant and flavourful appetiser, this crispy duck roll offers a delightful fusion of textures and tastes. Succulent shredded duck confit is wrapped in a delicate rice paper roll along with fresh julienned vegetables like carrots, cucumber, and spring onions. The rolls are then fried until wonderfully crisp and golden brown on the outside while staying moist and tender within. The true star is the bright and tangy plum and yuzu sauce served alongside for dipping. Made with Japanese yuzu citrus juice and sweet-tart plum purée, it provides a vibrant punch of flavour to contrast the rich duck. Each crispy bite gives way to the umami-laden duck complemented by the crisp veggies, with the plum-yuzu sauce adding layers of sweet, sour, and citrusy notes. Deliciously moreish and brimming with Southeast Asian flair.

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Meet Pear
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Hello my name is Pear and I grew up in a small town in Thailand called Sam Roy Yod. My mum says I started cooking at 8 when I flipped a fried egg onto my arm. I moved to London in 2009 and studied international cuisine. I have worked in a variety of kitchens including hotels, patisseries, and JApanese and Thai restaurants. Now I have taken my love for pan-Asian food and started cooking authentic Asian dishes in markets and for private parties.