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Sweet Potato Cottage Pie

🔆Calories per Portion: Regular 467 Kcal/Large 599 Kcal 🔆

I'm thrilled to present my latest creation: the Sweet Potato Cottage Pie. This is the perfect dish to indulge your cravings and gather the family around.

This hearty delight is a fusion of savoury goodness and wholesome ingredients. Featuring tender beef mince and creamy sweet potatoes.

Packed with a variety of fresh veggies—celery, carrots, garden peas, tomatoes, and onions. Get ready to savour every moment!

🍽 Nutritional Info per serving (400g): 440kcal, 21.2g protein, 31.6g carbs, 26.4g fat
⚖️ Approx dish weight regular/large 360g / 450g

Allergens: Gluten, Eggs, Soya, Dairy, Celery.

Size: Regular
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£4.05 Subscription
£6.75 per portion
Meet Cedric

Originally from Manchester, I moved to London to attend culinary school. Since graduating, I've worked in several restaurants and pubs around the city. More recently, however, I've shifted my focus to catering and private chef work. I find that catering allows me greater creative freedom to experiment with new recipes and further develop my culinary skills. I hope you enjoy my food!

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Bit sweet…

Unfortunately I found this to be too sweet for a cottage pie. Am sure others would like it though, it’s just not for me.

Helen R.

One of my all time favourites from HomeCooks. Just delicious.

R T.
Ok, but not great

I would say this dish was ok. Wouldnt order it again. The flavour profile of the sweet potato wasnt great. Overall this dish was ok, but not as good as others on this website

My Review

I ordered this by accident as I thought it was vegan when I saw the Sweet Potato Topping, so i just eat the topping, which I thought was too sweet for the cottage pie, but I’m very much for the traditional vegan one with potato mash topping, the consistency did not seem thick enough though I noticed, I’m sure meat lovers who love sweet potato will love it, generous portion size.


This Shepherds pie is so tasty, I really wish it came in a serving for 4 people. My husband eats a large portion to himself!