Chicken with Roasted Sweet Potato

This is a deliciously light and healthy summer dish that combines tender chicken with the natural sweetness of roasted sweet potatoes. Skin-on chicken thighs are seasoned and roasted to perfection, developing a crispy exterior while remaining juicy inside. The sweet potatoes are rich in flavour and have a creamy texture.

The dish is rounded out with a medley of feta, black beans, pink pickled onions and a delicious sweet and sour coriander salsa.

This meal is satisfying yet relatively low in carbs, packed with nutrients from the variety of vegetables. It's a complete meal on its own, requiring no additional sides.

⚖️ Approx dish weight: regular 300g/ large 400g

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Meet Lisa

My Mum was an amazing chef and taught me how to cook. My food story began when I was a songwriter, our studios were in a remote part of Kent with nowhere to buy food so I cooked for everyone. After 20 years of writing pop songs I decided I wanted a career in food and I was offered a chef role at Jamie Oliver's cook school but decided to set up my own at home. My business grew into recipe developing and writing articles for local London newspapers.

Customer Reviews

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Loved it

I am not a fan of skin on chicken or bone in, but I removed these once cooked and it was the most delicious meal.
All the flavours come together so well, the sauce is delicious.
I would definitely buy this again.
Sauce comes in a little pot that you remove for cooking, also remove the feta and add them on at the end.

Lovely blend of flavours

I’d forgotten how nice sweet potatoes were as it’s been a few years since I used to roast them with the Sunday joint lunch! I recommend not just removing the feta & sauce pot but also the coriander as the reheating totally chars it. Chicken thigh was tender and moist and the skin crisped up nicely. Added a green salad, fresh IOW cherry tomatoes and radish pulled tonight from the veg bed in the garden. Definitely a hit if the standard doesn’t drop when put into production.


I loved this dish,will order again,so tasty, feta is amazing with it,green sauce also .