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Chicken, Ham & Mushroom Pie

Chicken ham and earthy mushrooms are cooked in a creamy sauce with onions, garlic, and thyme, then topped with a flaky puff pastry crust. As the pie bakes in the oven, the aroma fills the kitchen with the irresistible smell of homemade goodness. When it's ready, cut into the golden-brown crust to reveal the steaming hot filling inside. Each bite is rich and flavourful, like a warm hug on a chilly evening. Enjoy.

⚖️ Approx dish weight: 500g

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Meet Danny
C. Lidgate

Lidgates Butchers has been in operation since 1850 and our family have always sold pies in the shop. We use recipes that have been passed down over the decades, refining them here and there as tastes have changed but our core principles have always remained the same: the best quality ingredients treated with care and attention will produce excellent pies.

Customer Reviews

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Pat E.
My husband really enjoyed this pie, Plenty of chicken and ham.

My husband really enjoyed this pie, Plenty of chicken and ham.

Elizabeth B.

I'm not a lover of a lot of pastry but this was OK

Kerry A.A.

Stunning pastry and generous tasty filling

Melanie H.

A really delicious pie, beautiful crispy pastry and generous amount of chicken, bacon and mushroom. Will definitely be ordering again. Cooked in air fryer for just a few minutes less than as per the instructions for heating in the oven.

Cecelia S.

Perfect winter food, pie with all the delicious flavours we are coming to expect from this chef. Thankyou