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Cajun Chicken Pasta

A vibrant and flavourful pasta dish that brings a taste of the bayou to your plate. Tender, juicy pieces of skinless boneless chicken thigh are seasoned with zesty Cajun spices and sautéed to perfection. The chicken is then combined with a rich sauce made from tangy tomato puree and sweet sundried tomatoes, creating a depth of flavour. Colourful green peppers and sliced courgettes add a fresh crunch and nutritional boost. All of this is tossed with al dente pasta, ensuring each bite is packed with a harmonious blend of spices, vegetables, and tender chicken. A satisfying meal that balances bold Cajun flavours with the comfort of pasta.

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Meet Pessima
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I was born in Sierra Leone (West Africa) but grew up in the U.K. My mum is a chef, and my dad taught me how to season and cook meat. I create meals by fusing ingredients from Africa, the Caribbean, and southern America to create unique meals busting with vibrant fresh ingredients and high-quality perfectly cooked meat. I put my own twist on popular traditional meals from each region to give customers a full food tour of Afro-fusion cuisine.

Customer Reviews

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Great Taste!

Really full of flavour such a great taste little bit of a kick but not too much. I would have liked a little more pasta but that is just me with big portions.


This caught me by surprise in a good way. The meal was delicious. Full of flavor and just the right amount of a kick. Can’t wait to have this again l!

I loved this dish,very tasty,this chef is excellent.

I loved this dish,very tasty, loads of chicken, amazing.

Tasty chicken and pasta bake

This was a tasty chicken and pasta bake, with a rich flavoured sauce and a good level of spice running through it. The chicken itself was very well flavoured too. However, the pasta got very soft and stodgy.