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Butter Chicken with Rice

Succulent chicken marinated in yoghurt cooked in a rich creamy sauce - a fantastic mixture of tangy, spicy and sweet. It is said that butter chicken originated from New Delhi and was a combination of leftover marinade and tandoori chicken to create a creamy and tender curry. It's one of the dishes which my brother and I fight over who makes the best version - It's definitely me.

⚖️ Approx dish weight: 400g

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Meet Reyansh

I come from a very competitive family all who think they are the best cook. I have always had a particular rivalry with my brother which has always kept me trying out new techniques and flavours to develop the best versions of the tastes and flavours loved in India. I have cooked in many places in the UK now and people know me for my unique approach and style when it comes to cooking the Indian classics.

Customer Reviews

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Nigel S.
One of the Best

Very tasty as it usually is, though I always find myself wishing the regular portion size was a little bigger.

Bertie F.
Instant favourite!

Extremely tasty! The chicken was so moist and ample chicken to rice. Admittedly I slightly overcooked the rice, and it was still great! Combine with mini nann bread for the perfect portion. I will happily reorder.

Sooooo good!

Loads of chicken for a regular portion! Great flavour, a little bit of heat, and just yummy. Rice lovely to soak up the sauce. Likely to be on my order when I place one!!

Shannon T.
Consistently good!

Such good flavour and always consistent in spice, a great go to meal!


Really delicious butter chicken - as I imagine it would be cooked at home rather than in a restaurant - ie more tangy than sweet. Will be ordering again. Thank you