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Dan Dan Noodles with Pork

Minced pork cooked in a special peanut sauce. This is an inauthentic take on the traditional Dan Dan noodles from China. I developed the recipe when I was at university and I’ve continued to perfect it. This dish comes with fresh noodles and a very flavourful sauce, all you need to do is add some finely chopped spring onion and a chilli oil of your choice - delicious!

⚖️ Approx dish weight: 400g

Sale price£7.95
Meet Godfrey
Sen Noods

I started cooking as more of a necessity as a Uni student living in London. I was missing Asian food from home but couldn't afford to eat out. Slowly over the years it has become the biggest passion in my life and during lockdown, I decided to quit my job as a Data Scientist, bought a van and started a street food business called Sen Noods. I am now passionate to share the noodles I grew up eating, and the ones I enjoy making.

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