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Chicken and Vegetable Noodle Soup

This delicious healthy, aromatic soup will make a great lunch or light supper on any evening. Succulent free-range chicken is cooked with fresh, spring vegetables in a delicious rice noodle broth with a hint of soy and ginger and finished with a scatter of sesame seeds. Tip: Add your own chilli flakes, coriander and a sprinkle of nuts and seeds for an extra little kick.

⚖️ Approx dish weight: 450ml

Size: Regular
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£5.25 per portion
Meet Lisa

My Mum was an amazing chef and taught me how to cook. My food story began when I was a songwriter, our studios were in a remote part of Kent with nowhere to buy food so I cooked for everyone. After 20 years of writing pop songs I decided I wanted a career in food and I was offered a chef role at Jamie Oliver's cook school but decided to set up my own at home. My business grew into recipe developing and writing articles for local London newspapers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Lucy K.

I love this soup and always have a few in the freezer ready for when I want one. Nice wholesome food. A great lunch dish.

Daniel A.

Cooked this in the microwave for lunch at work.
With my first mouthful, I thought it was an average chicken noodle soup but I have to say I just enjoyed it more and more with each mouthful. When I got to the bottom, I found myself wishing there was more... not because of the portion size but because I was enjoying it so much. Definitely on my future orders.

Karen J.

Tasty soup would purchase again

Jeannie H.

Never ever, had a soup like this.......i will be purchasing again, unfortunately its sold out , grrrrr Thank you Chef, delicious, quite an experience for me.....

Lucy K.

I love this soup. Hearty, flavoursome and perfect for a light evening meal. I have stocked the freezer with this so I can grab one whenever I want one!