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Bang Bang Cauliflower

Cauliflower florets and leaves pan-fried and served with a delicious sweet and spicy chilli sauce. This dish is addictive and great as a vegetarian main dish or as a side for two people.

Has a kick! 🌶

⚖️ Approx dish weight: 400g


Size: Large
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£4.95 Subscription
£8.25 per portion
Meet Lisa

My Mum was an amazing chef and taught me how to cook. My food story began when I was a songwriter, our studios were in a remote part of Kent with nowhere to buy food so I cooked for everyone. After 20 years of writing pop songs I decided I wanted a career in food and I was offered a chef role at Jamie Oliver's cook school but decided to set up my own at home. My business grew into recipe developing and writing articles for local London newspapers.

Customer Reviews

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Bang Bang Cauliflower

Okay, but not fantastic. I wonder if the texture and consistency would have been better if it had not been frozen for delivery. It lacked the slight crunch of a good freshly-cooked East Asian vegetable dish. Like a home-cooked rather than restaurant quality dish. Not good value for money - priced like a main meal but is a side dish - otherwise needs rice and a bit of vegetable protein.

Not my taste

Sorry but I couldn't eat this. I didn't like the taste at all.

My Review

Really lovely and spicy cauliflower dish, I love cauliflower and so with the spices and sauce I loved it and I did not want to stop eating it, i just wish the portion size can be bigger please?, it’s really lovely with rice too. One of my favourite ones.


I had high expectations of this dish from the reviews but for me it was disappointing. This is simply a matter of personal taste, as I am not a fan of cauliflower with a bite and the sauce was very liquidy.

Vedika M.

Loved the flavours. So so good.

Would love it if you added some rice to the portion to go with the bang bang cauliflower.