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What's Killing the Food Service Industry? - HomeCooks

What's Killing the Food Service Industry?

I came across a really interesting article this week - an interview with the head of Wahaca (find it in the link below). Essentially they are having to turn down bookings, and cancel new restaurant...

Why We Don't Offer Free Meals - HomeCooks

Why We Don't Offer Free Meals

I often get asked why we don’t offer a free or heavily discounted meal for first-time customers - it’s something that a lot of businesses do! The answer is quite simple. We prefer to look after our...

How Much Does Deliveroo Charge? - HomeCooks

How Much Does Deliveroo Charge?

One of the major reasons we started HomeCooks is that we believe the current food delivery industry isn’t sustainable. We found this out the hard way. Both HomeCooks founders had thriving businesse...

Waste Not, Want Not - HomeCooks

Waste Not, Want Not

Food waste is one of the biggest problems facing the world today.  The figures are quite outstanding - 30-50% of all food produced globally is wasted. This is worth over $1 trillion dollars. If you...

Is Eating Out Ethical? - HomeCooks

Is Eating Out Ethical?

One question I’ve often asked myself is whether eating out is a particularly ethical thing to do? This thought process is mainly driven by many of the staff that I see, meet or have even previously...