Why We Don't Offer Free Meals

Why We Don't Offer Free Meals - HomeCooks

I often get asked why we don’t offer a free or heavily discounted meal for first-time customers - it’s something that a lot of businesses do!

The answer is quite simple. We prefer to look after our current community members instead of gifting free meals to people that we haven’t met before.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Many meal kit websites have a heavily discounted first-time offer, but this money doesn’t come from nowhere.

It often comes at the expense of existing users, often in the form of higher prices or tough to get out of subscriptions.

We’re the opposite. We prefer to put our budget towards making HomeCooks awesome for our regular users.

Our members benefit from us investing our time and money into keeping meal prices low and quality very high. Also in the flexibility of not being tied into a subscription - order what you want, when you want.

Our top community members who come back regularly benefit from the Council of Eaters, where we hold regular sales, testing new dishes and other exciting promotions for our most loyal members.

So there you go - we’re all about investing in long-term ongoing value and rewards, rather than short-term drastic promotions.

Hope this helps and explains our thinking on it.


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