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Chicken Katsu Curry

Chicken Katsu is a big favourite of mine. For me, simplicity is very important when it comes to food. The crunch of the coating and the tanginess of the sauce on a simple bed of rice creates is perfect. The key is in the coating - the breadcrumbs need to be firmly pressed into the meat to ensure that they stay on while they fry. The katsu sauce is made from a mix of delicious flavours that result in something quite magnificent! You will not have tried one like it!
This dish comes with the sauce packaged separately. You just need to heat this dish and add the sauce - It is all there!

⚖️ Approx dish weight: 400g

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Meet Bohus

Food has been my passion from an early age. I recall helping my grandfather on his farm growing fresh produce or my dad in the kitchen. Later, I moved to the UK having studied at a chef school in my country but my basic English meant I could only get a job as a kitchen porter. Eventually, the head chef gave me the opportunity to shadow him which I accepted with both hands. Now, I am an established executive head chef.

Customer Reviews

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Tasty curry

All ingredients where fresh and you get lots of sauce


Taste good and was a nice portion

Edward V.
Katsu Curry 100000% YES!!

Katsu curry reheated in microwave, but still crispy? How do you do it? This is just amazing.


Lovely combination of chicken, sauce and rice. Very flavoursome.

Mr R.

The portion size was good. The chicken piece was a good size. The katsu sauce flavour wasn't too good, but not terrible.
The only downside to the dish is that you have to cook the sauce separately in a pan, so not convenient if you are using these meals as 'office lunch microwave meals'