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Vegan Thai Green Curry

Green curry infused with Broccoli, Carrot, Bamboo shoots, Red onion, Red pepper and selected protein

⚖️ Approx dish weight: Regular 380g / Large 450g

Size: Large
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£4.05 per portion
Meet Teja
M'eat the Vegans

n the realm of culinary artistry, Chef Dharma Teja stands as a luminary, drawing inspiration from a humble family background deeply rooted in the restaurant business. His journey commenced in the regal kitchens of the Falaknuma Palace, a crucible of gastronomic excellence in Hyderabad, India. Venturing across continents, Chef Teja honed his craft in the vibrant culinary landscapes of Dubai, INDIA,EUROPE and the United Kingdom, seamlessly fusing diverse cultural influences into his culinary repertoire. His illustrious career features not only prestigious 5-star hotel engagements but also the successful establishment of five distinguished restaurants in the UK, each a testament to his visionary approach and culinary prowess. At the core of Chef Teja's culinary philosophy lies a passion for innovation and inclusivity. Specializing in five distinct cuisines—American, Mexican, Caribbean, Oriental, and Indian—his culinary creations are a harmonious symphony of flavors, reflecting his global culinary odyssey. Beyond the confines of traditional gastronomy, Chef Teja showcases a remarkable talent for crafting vegan delights, skillfully transforming non-vegan dishes into plant-based masterpieces. Currently serving as the Head Chef, he continues to redefine culinary boundaries, making each dining experience a celebration of taste, tradition, and innovation.