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Vegan Musaqa'a with Bulgur

🔆Nutritional Info per Portion: 434 Kcal, 13.08g Protein, 34.71g Carbs, 27.99g Fat🔆

Echoes of the classic Greek dish moussaka are heard when you taste this dish with a modern twist. This vegan version takes the same hearty, humble and healthy components of the traditional traybake and adapts them to new audiences.

Great warmed up but also lovely at room temperature, making it a great option for a complete on the go meal.

This dish works well either as main or side. It can also be used as a component in another dish. For example, poured over a jacket potato or served alongside some grilled protein.

Sale price£6.90
Meet Veli Soylucicek
Ambrosia Catering London

I am an accomplished private chef with over 4 years working in the hospitality industry. My cuisine is inspired by traditional Turkish recipes and unique culinary experiences.

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