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Sliced Beef Steak with Rice and Mixed Vegetable

A protein-packed meal that satisfies, this dish features juicy slices of grilled beef steak accompanied by a medley of vibrant vegetables and a side of fluffy rice. The steak is seared to perfection, developing a flavourful outer crust while staying tender and pink in the middle. It's seasoned simply with salt and pepper to allow the natural beef flavour to shine. Steaming hot rice provides the perfect base to soak up the delicious juices from the steak and veggies. Each bite offers a harmonious balance of flavours and textures - the rich beefiness complemented by the fresh crunch of the veggies and the mild, starchy rice. Hearty and nourishing.

Approx dish weight: Regular 380 g/ Large 470g

Size: Regular
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£7.75 per portion
Meet Romas
Lithuanian Kitchen

I've loved cooking since I was young and it has been a source of confidence for me as well as a creative outlook. Since being in the UK, I've adapted my recipes to cater to the local taste buds, fusing Lithuanian food culture with the British palate. This makes me happy as it allows me to share my country's cuisine with the country I have grown to love.