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Raspberry and Lemon Cake

Ciao a tutti! Allow me to introduce one of my favorite summertime dolci - la torta ai lamponi, or raspberry cake.
As an Italian chef, I believe simplicity is the highest form of elegance when it comes to desserts. This cake lets the star ingredient, fresh raspberries, truly shine.
I start by folding plump, juicy raspberry puree into a light and airy vanilla cake batter. As it bakes, those pockets of raspberry flavour get lightly set while staying beautifully moist.
Yet it's surprisingly light, almost fluffy in texture. A dollop of sweetened mascarpone cream makes the perfect accompaniment.
This rustic laid-back cake celebrates summer's fresh berry bounty in every luscious bite. It's the epitome of the sweet life, la dolce vita Italiana! Buon appetito!

Approx dish weight: 100g/slice

Size: Slice
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Meet Ilaria

Ciao, I'm Ilaria, I'm Italian and I always loved cooking with my Grandma. When I was twenty years old I decided to learn properly how to cook and I started a year course with one of my favorite chefs in Milan. Cooking remained just a passion until covid time when I started my home catering business. I don't sell just food but a genuine Italian experience that I bring to your table from my original Granma's recipe.

Customer Reviews

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Slice looked appealing & decent portion. Lovely lemony zest throughout although as per pics the berries were not the whole way in the cake so couldn’t taste them


I bought the slice and its an acceptable size slice, just what I would have expected.
When you bite in you immediately taste the zing of the lemon, then follows the raspberry.
The cake is moist and nicely presented. I really liked this alot.
Really good.
Definitely one to try.

My Review for Raspberry and Lemon Cake

I was surprised by the size of the cake as I ordered a whole one but it came in a small silver foil container with Approx 3 slices in ( photo below) , very cute though, it tasted divine,a light and fluffy sponge complimented with gorgeous raspberry’s , I confess to eating it all at once as it was so lovely and I look forward to it being on sale with the other cakes 🍰 soon, a very talented lady.

Anne H.

Lovely moist cake. Deliciously light in the mouth. Like the freestyle distribution of fruity raspberries and the light sugar glazing on top. Its the perfect size for 2 as a lovely treat.

Slice but label says Whole

Cake is incredibly tasty and would love to order again. I ordered a slice, but the sticker said that I was sent a whole cake. As another review says, if that is a whole cakes I’m quite disappointed in the size, but if it is a slice, then I’d definitely re-order.