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Prawn and Bamboo Har Gau (6 pcs)

🔆Nutritional Info per Portion: 286 Kcal, 12.12g Protein, 37.8 Carbs, 9.6g Fat🔆

Six delicious, plump, prawn and bamboo har gau, using high-quality prawns and only the top part (best) of the bamboo. We have increased the normal size of these to ensure a generous flavour of prawn in every mouthful! 100% handmade with high-quality ingredients and nothing artificial.

We are super proud to announce that these dim sum have won Great Taste Awards!

Sale price£7.60
Meet Xiaojuan
Mai Dim Sum

My prior experience working with the then Global Executive Head Chef of Hakkasan Group allowed me to understand how well educated the customers in the West were on Chinese food and in particular, Dim Sum. The limited availability of specialist dim sum offerings gave me the idea to launch Mai Dim Sum. The rest is history...

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