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Mediterranean Chicken with Confit Roasted Tomatoes

A bright and flavourful dish inspired by the fresh flavours of the Mediterranean region. Juicy chicken filets, white wine, olives, capers and tomatoes. They're then pan-seared until the meat is tender and succulently seasoned. Served alongside are flavour-packed confit roasted tomatoes. The bright, sunny flavours capture the essence of the sunny Mediterranean with each delectable bite. Simple but satisfying.

Approx dish weight: Regular 350g / Large 450 g

Size: Regular
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£4.65 Subscription
£7.75 per portion
Meet Ilaria

Ciao, I'm Ilaria, I'm Italian and I always loved cooking with my Grandma. When I was twenty years old I decided to learn properly how to cook and I started a year course with one of my favorite chefs in Milan. Cooking remained just a passion until covid time when I started my home catering business. I don't sell just food but a genuine Italian experience that I bring to your table from my original Granma's recipe.

Customer Reviews

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Anne H.
Bursting with flavour

Beautiful Mediterranean chicken dish, tender chicken in a white wine reduction, just bursting with flavour. Perfectly combined with tiny black olives and tomatoes on the vine.

Suited my tastebuds to a tea

I started revewing this and said that I had loved it, but had trouble loading the photo, so hadn't completed the whole process of doing a review. Then I saw my review had gone up without the photo or the caveat I had included, that the portion was on the small side. [But my photo doesn't show the full order, it was not not that small, [husband and me] just divided it and I always take the smaller portion, so ignore my photo, but not the comment that the portion size was on the small side. Also I don't like my full name going up with my reviews, could you just refer to me as Tracy or just by my initials (TUM) Thanks!

I enjoyed it

Very tasty, I ordered the large,which was very small portion for a large,bit disappointed, this dish wasn't cheap aswell.


Tried this again as I loved it the first time but sadly a bit disappointing this time. Very watery and the top looked rather like cottage cheese. Very flavoursome though so will try again for the flavour alone


Delicious dish. Generous portion. I loved the juicy tomatoes.