Mango Tart

Escape to tropical paradise with this sun-kissed mango tart. Sweet, fragrant mango puree adorns a buttery shortcrust pastry, beckoning your tastebuds with its vibrant colour and fruity aroma. Each silky smooth bite bursts with tropical flavour, evoking sultry island breezes. Refreshingly sweet with just a hint of tartness, the mango glides across your palate leaving behind summery notes of peach, pineapple and passionfruit. Topped with lightly sweetened whipped cream, this tart is luxuriously creamy and decadent. One forkful transports you right to a beach chair under swaying palms. With its technicolor tones and tastes of the tropics, this mango tart brings a ray of sunshine to any occasion. Paradise is just one bite away.

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Meet Bohus

Food has been my passion from an early age. I recall helping my grandfather on his farm growing fresh produce or my dad in the kitchen. Later, I moved to the UK having studied at a chef school in my country but my basic English meant I could only get a job as a kitchen porter. Eventually, the head chef gave me the opportunity to shadow him which I accepted with both hands. Now, I am an established executive head chef.