Mango, Spiced Rum and Jerk Chicken Platter

Mango Spiced Rum Wood Smoked Jerk Chicken Platter

This tropical and boldly-flavored dish serves a family of 4 and showcases juicy wood smoked jerk-seasoned chicken with a mango spiced rum glaze, accompanied by fragrant rice and peas and a medley of sautéed seasonal vegetables.

The chicken is first coated in a signature jerk seasoning blend, which includes a harmonious mix of warm spices like allspice, cloves, cinnamon, and fiery Scotch bonnet peppers. This seasoning permeates the meat, resulting in a deep, complex flavor profile.

The jerk-marinated chicken is then grilled over natural hardwood charcoal until the skin is crispy and charred, locking in the succulent juices. The wood smoke infuses the meat with a delightful aroma and subtle earthiness. As the chicken cooks, it is basted with a tantalizing glaze made from fresh mango puree, spiced rum, and a touch of honey, creating a sticky-sweet and subtly boozy finish.

Served alongside the mouthwatering wood smoked jerk chicken is a bed of fragrant rice and peas. The rice is cooked with aromatic herbs and spices, while the peas add a creamy texture and subtle sweetness to the dish.

To complete the platter, a colorful mix of sautéed seasonal vegetables, such as bell peppers, zucchini, and onions, provides a vibrant contrast and a nutritious accompaniment.

This boldly-flavored and visually-stunning meal celebrates the rich culinary heritage of the Caribbean. The interplay of the spicy, smoky wood smoked jerk chicken and the sweet, rum-infused mango glaze is a true delight for the senses, complemented perfectly by the fragrant rice and peas, and the fresh, sautéed vegetables.

Size: Full Chicken Platter
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I was born in Sierra Leone (West Africa) but grew up in the U.K. My mum is a chef, and my dad taught me how to season and cook meat. I create meals by fusing ingredients from Africa, the Caribbean, and southern America to create unique meals busting with vibrant fresh ingredients and high-quality perfectly cooked meat. I put my own twist on popular traditional meals from each region to give customers a full food tour of Afro-fusion cuisine.

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Tasty chicken

I loved this meal, it was so filling. The rice wasn't dry and the chicken was tender and not too spicy. Followed instructions and it cooked perfectly in the microwave

Nigel S.

Another winning recipe; better probably for those that don’t like heavy spicy flavours. The spatchcock chicken is easily enough to make 4 meals; however I felt the additional rice & peas (also very nice) and seasonal vegetables were only enough for 2 as supplied. Some of the veg (spouting broccoli) was a bit chewy though I recognise it is hard to prepare them just enough so it doesn’t go soggy after freeze/thaw & reheat cycle. Would definitely buy this again.