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Lentils and Cured Pork Stew

Also called petit Salé aux lentilles is a French classic. This saucy lentil dish has bits of carrot, at least two or three different types of sausages, the thickest salty bacon cuts you can find - smoked or unsmoked- and a light hint of ground pepper, clove and bay leaves. And did I mention the finely cut shallots and garlic? All the trouble you can expect from a French countryside dish...

⚖️ Approx dish weight: 400g

Size: For One
Sale price£6.50
Meet Sebastien

Learnt with my French and my Spanish grandmothers - simple, hearty, proletarian terroir dishes. Food is not just fuel. It's emotions, memories: a very long table with family and friends. It's also eating a duck confit from my native south west France in the Pyrénées mountains, a rabbit from the back of the house with mushrooms from the forrest or going through the border to have a paella on Sunday. It's not food. It's love!

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