Lemon Pie

Indulge in a symphony of sweet seduction with this dark chocolate and caramel tart. A crisp, buttery shortcrust pastry shell cradles layer upon layer of velvety chocolate ganache and oozing homemade salted caramel. Every bite unleashes a surge of full-bodied chocolate complemented by the smooth, salty caramel that dances across your tongue. The contrast of the flaky crust with the silky fillings is nothing short of transcendent. This spellbinding dessert is a chocoholic and caramel lover's dream. One bite will send your taste buds into rapture. An enchanting creation that will leave you longing for more. Let this tart awaken your innermost chocolate and caramel cravings.

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Meet Bohus

Food has been my passion from an early age. I recall helping my grandfather on his farm growing fresh produce or my dad in the kitchen. Later, I moved to the UK having studied at a chef school in my country but my basic English meant I could only get a job as a kitchen porter. Eventually, the head chef gave me the opportunity to shadow him which I accepted with both hands. Now, I am an established executive head chef.