• Ghanaian

Chicken & Vegetable Jollof Rice

🔆Nutritional Info per Portion: 486 Kcal, 4.69g Protein, 39.12g Carbs, 22.66g Fat🔆

I'm happy to present to you my newest dish! The rice is cooked in Ghanaian gravy, aka tomato stew which is slowly cooked over hours to build up the flavours, which gives this dish its unique taste. Together, the diced chicken and jollof rice make for a satisfying and healthy meal that is packed with flavour and nutrition. This dish is great for a casual dinner party or a weeknight meal.

Size: For One
Sale price£7.95
Meet Maame

Hi, I'm Maame, and I'm originally from Ghana, West Africa. My cooking story started when one afternoon, my Mama Jane asks me to prepare Jollof Rice for the family for supper. “What”?! I had had experience of cooking with her from when I was six years old but had never cooked a whole dish all by myself. I got on with it and the meal turned out great. The compliments from my Mama Jane, who’s a fantastic cook, gave me the boost to carry on cooking.

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