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Grilled Vegetables

A beautiful array of vibrant vegetables are given a smoky char from the grill in this flavourful side dish. Thick slices of colourful bell peppers and sweet onions are joined by tender asparagus spears and cubed butternut squash. Before grilling, the veggies are tossed with garlic salt to enhance their natural flavours and a dusting of smoked paprika adds an enticing earthiness. The high heat of the grill creates lightly charred edges and distinctive grill marks. This simple preparation allows the fresh taste of the vegetables to shine through while adding a hint of warm spice and a delightful smoky essence. Healthy and delicious.
A bit spicy 🌶.

⚖️ Approx dish weight 300 grams

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Meet Giovanna

I have loved cooking since a young age. Once, my sister asked me to fry her an egg, I was anxious as I had never cooked before. When I fried the egg perfectly I fell in love with cooking. Since then I started taking cooking lessons, including in secondary school. I studied professional cookery at Merton College and I am currently studying nutrition and food management at West London University.