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Golden Chicken Bites with Potato & Veggies

Delightfully minced chicken bites with a golden coating, served alongside potatoes and a medley of fresh seasonal vegetables. A comforting and satisfying meal that's perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

⚖️ Approx dish weight: 360 regular/450 large

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Meet Romas
Lithuanian Kitchen

I've loved cooking since I was young and it has been a source of confidence for me as well as a creative outlook. Since being in the UK, I've adapted my recipes to cater to the local taste buds, fusing Lithuanian food culture with the British palate. This makes me happy as it allows me to share my country's cuisine with the country I have grown to love.

Customer Reviews

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It was ok

I was hoping for better things from this chef,his other dishes are amazing,this dish didn't work for me,wouldn't order again.


I cooked this from frozen in the microwave.
I had expected like chicken nuggets type bites but it's more like a patty. It's a decent sized meal and the proportions are right.
It's tasty and everything cooks well.
The patty is soft, probably because I microwaved it.
I think in future I would removed the veg and microwave them and I would oven bake the potatoes and chicken patty to crisp them up.

Chicken Burger

As others have said they are basically chicken burgers, quite tasty (though a bit too salty for my tastes) and not totally crispy even after the recommended oven reheating. The potatoes did crisp up quite nicely but the veg was over cooked and dried out. Might have these again if the salt level was reduced and the veg replaced with additional chicken and / or potato


This was more of a burger or patty than chicken bites. I actually really enjoyed the meat, potatoes and veg were okay. Think I'd rebrand the meat with some mash and a gravy or something though

Not as expected

On the box it said crispy chicken bites with Mashed potatoes and vegetables. I expected small pieces of chicken in a crispy batter. However it was a piece of meat coated in something but not a crispy batter. The potatoes were unmashed and the veg was a spoonful of mixed frozen. Very disappointed