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Chicken Kebabs with Bulgur and Courgette

🔆Calories per Portion: Regular 535 Kcal/ Large 610 Kcal🔆

Sink your teeth into the smoky, savoury flavours of chicken kebabs seasoned with earthy spices and paired with fluffy bulgur and grilled courgette. Juicy chunks of chicken breast are threaded onto skewers and marinated overnight in a blend of aromatic garlic, lemon, olive oil, and spices. The chicken cooks up tender on the grill, charring slightly and infusing with even more rustic flavour. It's served atop a bed of hearty, toothsome bulgur, nutty in flavour and lightly seasoned. Grilled courgette planks add a pop of freshness, their porous flesh drinking up the lemony marinade and caramelising over the open flame. Every component complements the others beautifully. With its medley of colours, textures, and Mediterranean-inspired flavours, this dish is sure to satisfy your craving for something savoury and nutritious. You’ll want to enjoy it again and again.

⚖️ Approx dish weight: Regular 380g / Large 450g

Size: Regular
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Meet Arnold

I started my career working in some of the countries leading hotels, and got the bug for cooking! I worked my way up from KP, which in my opinion are the unsung heroes of any restaurant! I went on to work across many leading UK pubs, and realised how unhealthy alot of the food we eat can be. I took my stand and went into private catering, so i can control all elements of the dishes myself, and now work only with healthy ingredients, to produce colourful, vibrant and balanced every day meals!