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Chocolate Ganache & Honeycomb Tart

🔆Calories per Portion:240 Kcal/l 🔆

This chocolate ganache tart is a chocolate-lovers dream dessert. It combines a crunchy chocolate tart crust, full butter and a decadent 74% dark chocolate ganache filling with honeycomb. Topped off with a sprinkling of almond flake. It's a super fancy dessert and one of my bestsellers!

⚖️ Approx dish weight: 150g

Sale price£4.25
Meet Ilaria

Ciao, I'm Ilaria, I'm Italian and I always loved cooking with my Grandma. When I was twenty years old I decided to learn properly how to cook and I started a year course with one of my favorite chefs in Milan. Cooking remained just a passion until covid time when I started my home catering business. I don't sell just food but a genuine Italian experience that I bring to your table from my original Granma's recipe.

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