Chicken Wings

Our chicken wings are coated in our special blend of spices and then double fried for crispy exterior with moist and succulent meat. The combination will transport you to far east instantly. It's sweet with hint of ginger and garlic will make you stick to it and come back for more.

The chicken wings come with the option to choose from five different sauces:

-Teriyaki - Delicious sticky Teriyaki sauce

-Satay - The sauce is our take on Malaysian Satay sauce. The combination of Tamarid, freshness of Galangal with spicy red chillies and earthy peanuts will make even the most resilient eater fall to their knees. It is made with love and we sure you will feel it.

-Sicilian Puttanesca - The sauce is an authentic recipe from Sicilian Nona. A combination of capers with olives and anchovies is a delight alone. Add to it some fresh garlic, caramelized Shallots and quality tomatoes and you have your ultimate comfort food in your hands. You will start calling Sicily your home.

- Kentucky BBQ - Our barbeque sauce is rich, smokey with deep flavours and hint of chilly. It is homemade and you will feel the friendly hug.

- Chilean Spicy Pebre - Base of the sauce is made from fresh herbs like coriander and parsley, add zingy lemons and limes and top it up with tons of fresh chilly and you have a flavour bomb in your hands.

Size: Teriyaki Sauce
Sale price£6.90
£6.90 per portion
Meet Lukas
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Ever since I can remember my nose was near food. My grandparents and parents always cooked. My grandfather had a big garden with vegetables and fruits so little Lukas I was always running around picking food for dinner. Food and cooking is part of my heritage and crucial part of who I am. My motto is "There is no life without food".

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