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Chicken Moqueca

Behold the exquisite Chicken Moqueca, a Brazilian masterpiece that transcends flavors. Picture succulent chicken breast swimming in a luscious blend of creamy coconut milk, vibrant red and yellow peppers adding a burst of freshness. Now, here's the game-changer – the secret touch of richness comes from the golden elixir, palm oil. This culinary gem marries the hearty with the exotic, delivering a symphony of tastes that dance on your palate. Chicken Moqueca is not just a dish; it's a sensory journey through the vibrant landscapes of Brazilian cuisine.

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Mandacaru Brazilian Meals

"Mandacaru is a culinary adventure originated in 2017 in the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded by a former anthropologist driven by a profound passion for cooking, Mandacaru is a tribute to the intricate cultural mosaic that defines Brazil's gastronomic scene. The culinary traditions passed down by his grandmother was the base for the culinary adventure that would eventually become Mandacaru, where food weaves, and each dish on our menu serves as a chapter of the Chef’s life and in the diverse culinary history of Brazil."

Customer Reviews

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Didn’t know what to expect and what I got was delicious. A lot of great flavor.

John H.
The dish is very tasty but quite small

This is the first time I had this dish.
Firstly, there is no mention anywhere that one third of the dish is made up of potatoes.
Secondly, I would like to know what the green puree in the other third of the dish is..
You must describe the dish more accurately!!
Thirdly , compared to all the dishes I have ordered so far, this is the smallest in size.
The chicken tasted really nice.

Sam M.

Love this dish, will be a regular for me. Would like a larger portion though

Tasty and light

This dish is just full of flavour. Just the perfect sized portion for me- not too large. The microwave from frozen instructions worked perfectly and it was so well laid out in the box with dividers separating the different sections of the meal. I ate this on a day when Im feeling well and couldn’t face eating, after staring in the fridge and rejecting everything I had I went and stared at the HomeCooks meals in the freezer! This dish jumped out at me, and the smell while heating it was so nice I wanted to eat and ended up enjoying it immensely. Definately will be ordering this again. The mash was beautiful. Chicken melt in the mouth with a delicious sauce.


This dish is so tasty! Loads of different flavours worked really well together. Creamy mash, tender chicken. It was all just lush!